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An Ultimate Guide to PP Honeycomb Panel

One may know the use of PP honeycombs panels in the industrial construct like automobiles, but they are also used in intricate panels, infiltration media, and energy composition. The main feature of these panels is that it exhibits a unique cell structure.

There are three orientations in the core, out of which two are familiar to that of Honeycomb. Each cell is inherently stable and has a tubular form.

The panel usually comes without or with a non-woven polyester veil that helps to bond better. It is supplied without or with a barrier under a polyester veil that limits the consumption of resin. The pp honeycomb panels are available in four types.

• One without lamination.
• One laminated using the polyester material and combined with polypropylene film.
• One with vacuum infusion.

Features of PP Honey Comb Panel

• It has a high weight to strength ratio.
• It is moisture, corrosion, and fungi resistant.
• Vibration and Sound dampening.
• It aids in absorbing energy.
• Thermoformable.
• A temperature of around 180 degrees Fahrenheit is used.
• It is also recyclable.

Uses of PP Honeycomb Panel

Polypropylene is a sturdy material that can defy moisture and corrosion. Since the honeycomb panels have a unique cell structure, it makes the material more durable. In order to reduce the weight of the building, it is no wonder that high-quality PP honeycomb panels are used.

The honeycomb pattern aids in minimizing the number of materials used to attain minimal weight and material cost. The cells are typically columnar and hexagonal, which helps to reduce the density and compression properties.

PP honeycomb panels are light in weight, but without compromising the high compressive strength. The panels defy rust that is caused by chemicals and seawater.

The main components of these panels are that they are water and moisture-proof. One can integrate them into a structure to afford sound insulation, which guarantees a secure internal temperature at home.

The honeycomb panels are shock resistant and reduce the damage caused by the collision due to the absorption of the external force. Since the material is environment-friendly, it can be easily recyclable from time to time.

Another remarkable thing about the honeycomb panels is their exceptional properties for making building construction top-notch. These panels are integrated with pavements, ceilings, gardens, and parks.

The applications of these panels do not end with the construction area but extend to the manufacture of automobiles too. From the bus roof to flooring, one can use them everywhere. The best part is they can be used as a radar cover in cars.

Most of the construction uses plywood, which can be easily substituted by honeycomb panels that are light in weight and cost-effective.

PP honeycomb panels can be used as a great substitute only if you have the right glues and sealants for application. You must get these panels from a reputed manufacturer who has a good record of supplying premium products.

Advantages of Using PP Honeycomb Panels

If you are searching for a reliable and durable furniture panel, ceiling, construction partition, and building board, PP Honeycomb Panels are the best choice. PPHoneycomb Panels are made of Polypropylene material that is great to be used in corrosive environments since it has high chemical resistance.

One can customize these panels without any fuss as per one’s choice. They are resourceful as pavements of parks, flooring on truck trailers, etc. Other than this, these materials can be used as radar cover and packaging materials.

You can always rely on these panels because they are light in weight and very durable. One can call them an excellent choice for sound insulation performance as the material is water and moisture-proof.

PP honeycomb panels are compression and shock-resistant since they guarantee a secure temperature and considered to be suitable for insulation.

When you no longer require these sheets, you can easily recycle them, which means they are equipped with eco-friendly materials.

You can reuse these panels by turning them into headliners, door panels, vehicle spare wheels, and concrete casting. They can be easily cut and creased. Whatever you do, they will never have any impact on the performance.

PP honeycomb panels are hailed as the excellent choice to be used in automobile applications because these panels help in reducing the overall weight of the product. With the help of thermoforming, the panels are easy to shape.

This method helps to cram in the panels, molding them as the composite parts, then placed on the honeycomb panel.

Size Availability

The pp honeycomb panels are available in a different size—the standard size used ranges from 2440x 1220mm. One can customize the size changes based on the requirement of the customers.

The maximum size goes up to 3100x1550mm. In most cases, 2300×1150 is the size used to make a full-size container.

The range of PP honeycomb plate varies from 3.5 to 12mm. The density of it is 56-240kg/m³, and the thickness ranges from 1.5 to 600 mm. The size and range of the sheet vary based on the product and the customer requirement.

The honeycomb panels are usually manufactured using two sheets and a core that is bonded together to form a sandwich panel. These panels display characteristics of stable structures. The main principle is similar to that of I-beam.

The polypropylene honeycomb panel is used in several industries. The main advantage is the reduction in the growth of mold, and at the same time, it provides high pressure making it free from corrosion.

You must choose the dealer carefully while going to purchase PP Honeycomb Panel. Several dealers sell panels that are low in quality but high in price.

Only a good dealer will provide a high-quality product at a reasonable price. You must do proper research before you end up buying the product. Always choose dealers who will offer you an excellent after-sales service.

Since these panels are light in weight and cost-effective, they are used in every home for daily uses. So take your time to think and make a conscious decision before proceeding to purchase.

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